Our Services

Our team is comprised by experienced business analysts, project managers, solution architects, application programmers and specialists; all of them totally oriented towards the insurance industry.

SISTRAN’s forty-years’ experience in the insurance market guarantees the supply of IT solutions with a high level technical consultancy in order to achieve our customers’ objectives and expectations.


“Information technology is becoming a key element in business transformation”.

Service Lines

  • Development and Deployment
    • Projects Planning Consultancy
    • New Modules or Systems Installation and Deployment
    • Migration
  • Support:
    • Preventive and Corrective Maintenance
    • Regulatory Maintenance
    • Additional Developments and Deployments – Work Orders | OT
  • Consultancy
    • Specialized Services

Development and Deployment
Development and Deployment

SISTRAN’s business specialists and adequate methodologies are key features for our system’s successful deployment.

Our Consulting services for Projects Planning are focused on a current diagnosis situation, analyzing needs and technological and functional requirements as well as their impact on business, with the purpose of defining different Solution alternatives.

Once solutions are defined, we provide Installation and Deployment services, together with technical assistance until the start-up.

Migration services extract, convert and send data -massively and in electronic format- from one system to the other, after analyzing the migration cost-benefits in respect of manual data entry.


Following our commitment as strategic partners, we continue providing maintenance services as well as new developments, as part of our involvement in your company’s growth.

SISTRAN’s maintenance services cover any assistance each company may require after a given system deployment.

SISTRAN provides not only preventive and corrective maintenance services but also an Update Service regarding Legal Regulations that assures constant fulfillment of each country’s mandatory legislation.

In a changing scenario like Latin America, this is a differentiating value that turns SISTRAN into a leader supplier of technological solutions in the insurance market.


Our large experience and knowledge of both the insurance and technological markets enables us to offer specialized services, aiming to achieve your business’ major growth potential and a continued search for operative excellence.

Specialized Services

  • Products Innovation Consultancy for insurance integration
  • Process optimization
  • Technical and operative specialization in the Insurance Business
  • Actuarial for Design and Configuration of Insurance Products