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An API (= Application Program Interface) defines the interaction between software and external programs. The APIs guarantee that the application data are accessible to other programs. SISE provides APIs for native integration with third parties (InsureTech, Intermediarios, Chatbot, and others). This kind of integration collaborates in digital processes automation by securing an easy integration among the different applications that comprise such processes.


SISE’s Service Oriented Architecture –SOA- offers the following advantages:

  • Easier maintenance. SOA permits uncoupling software services..
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) thanks to a higher maintenance capacity.
  • Higher agility. Its flexible coupling and reuse reduce development times for new services and functionalities.
  • A correctly defined SOA helps companies to unblock isolated central functionalities at old IT platforms turning them into new digital products for their customers.

High availability

High Availability is the system’s capacity to continuously operate without faults. The purpose is to ensure its compliance with a high operative accorded level. For that, SISE has been designed to use all the characteristics of a High Availability platform to support the different operative continuity levels that insurance companies currently demand.


Fault-tolerance is defined as the system’s capacity to continue operating without interruptions in case of one or more components’ failure.
At SISE, the purpose of fault-tolerance is to avoid interruptions derived from a sole failure point, while guaranteeing the business continuity and high availability.


SISE has been designed to support great processing volumes for the different massive processes that insurance companies have, thus enabling to address market demands in a highly competitive manner.

High Turnout

SISE’s design architecture basis foresees a high turnout, which permits responding to a high level of applications at the same time, according to each customer’s needs. It also permits adding more resources (servers, network devices) without having to re-start SISE in cases of users’ peak demand and concurrent transactions.


Responsive design permits SISE’s users’ interface to adapt without problems to several screen sizes. Together with multi-browser, this feature enables access to SISE from any device the user uses.