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Our Professional Services

Our team is comprised by experimented business analysts, project managers, solution architects, application programmers and specialists, totally oriented to the insurance business.

SISTRAN has more than four decades of experience in the insurance market, which guarantees the provision of IT solutions accompanied by a high technical consulting level, in order to achieve their customer’s objectives.

“Information Technology has become a key element in business transformation”ve en

Service Lines

  • Development and Implementation:
    • Consulting in Project Planning
    • Deployment and Implementation of Systems or New Modules
    • Migration
  • Support:
    • Preventive and Corrective Maintenance
    • Regulatory Maintenance
    • Additional Develments and Implementations – Work Orders | WO
    • Cloud Platform Management
  • Additionals:
    • Consulting
    • Resouces Outsourcing
    • Trainings
    • Passive/Active On-Call Services
  • Desarrollo
  • Desarrollo
  • Desarrollo


Development & Implementation

SISTRAN has business specialists and adequate methodologies to achieve our system’s successful implementation.

Our Consulting in Project Planning services are focused on the diagnoses of the current situation, survey of actual needs, functional/technological requirements and business impact, with the purpose of defining different Solution alternatives.

Once such solutions are defined, Deployment and Implementation services are provided, as well as technical assistance until the start-up.

By means of the Migration service, data are massively extracted, converted and delivered in electronic format from one system to the other, after a previous analysis of cost-benefit of migration in respect of manual uploading.



As strategic partners, our commitment continues with maintenance services as well as new developments, thus accompanying your company’s growth.

SISTRAN Support services cover every requirement that each company may have after the system’s implementation.

SISTRAN does not only offer the traditional preventive and corrective maintenance, but also a unique regulatory update service that ensures a correct and continued compliance with the country’s legal requirements.

Besides, it provides Cloud Platform Support services, managing the solution’s infrastructure in order to secure the service availability, safety, continuity and capacity. This service includes the administration of both infrastructure (virtual machines, servers, networks) and platform (database, Web servers and development tools).

Furthermore, SISTRAN performs Additional Developments and Implementations (OT).  The purpose of this service is the system’s adaptation to market or process changes and customers’ structure or infrastructure modifications.

In a changing context like the Latin American, this is one of the differentiating features that make SISTRAN a leader supplier in technological solutions for the insurance market.



Our great experience and knowledge of the insurance market and its associated technologies enable us to provide specialized services, seeking the highest growth potential for your business with the continuous pursuit of operative excellence.

Specialized Services:

  • Consulting
  • Resources Outsourcing
  • Trainings
  • Passive/Active On-Call Servicess